How to delete sublists with same items (but with same order of these, too)?

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with list of list. Is it possible to delete sublists with same items and with same orders of these? I attach an image to semplify.

I hope to solve it. Thanks.

Hi @GRECO , welcome to the community!

I don’t know if there’s a specific node for doing that. Plus, I don’t know what type of input (string, elements, integers and etc.) you have in hands, but here’s what you can try:

String input:

Element input:


Thank you a lot @EdsonMatt !

I need string solution for now, but I appreciate the other solution dedicated to element.

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Great use of checksum for the element ID method. :slight_smile:

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Fun logic puzzle, Here is the solution I came up with. If you wanted you could expand on this by getting the index of the unique items list compared to the mapped string from array list, then get items at index from original list. That way it would work on any type of elements

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