Remove duplicate points

Hi All,

I’m trying to remove duplicate points from a list basically by Masking however it doesn’t remove all duplicates which I cannot figure out why is that.
Even when I compare the results of “Prune Duplicate Points” and list “Unique Items” I even get different results.
When compared results in excel the correct result is Prune Duplicate points!!

Try working with the tolerence in Point.PruneDuplicates
Would be better if we had files to look into.


Thanks Vikram, I’ll try!!

Also I’ve tried another approach I saw in one of the posts and the same result

Annotate coordinates_0.5.dyn (99.8 KB)

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Please see below for a workflow that will generate a boolean list for the unique points. In this version if a point is one which has duplicates the first instance in the list will be the one that has a “true” index and subsequent instances of that point will have “false” index.



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