Filter identical points list

I want to filter out the identical point in a list. My original idea was to use the button “Duplicate Item indices” but seems it does not work as expected of me.
Also there any other way for me to solve your problems is to filter identical points ?? Any suggestions.

Hi @dangthanhnam01.kt199

Just use “List.GetItemAtindex”.

As an alternative approach- there is a node Point.PruneDuplcates- Which has a handy tolerance setting


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Hi @Kulkul
My problem is I have three duplicate points in the list, but when the button #Duplicate Item indices use only one index of a duplicate point rather than the two points. You may see the following results.

I think the button # Duplicate Item Indices only works when the input variables are integer values. I checked his suspected in two cases.

It works perfectly. Thank you :cười toe toét:

@dangthanhnam01.kt199 Try changing Lacing to Longest for “DuplicateItemIndices” node.

I wonder in dynamos have a button that works the same with duplicate lines.?