Remove all Pipe Insulation

Hi all,

I`ve just finished a script to add insulation on pipes/pipe fittings by pipe size and system type.
But as some of the pipes already have insulation, to be able to run the script on all pipes, I should first remove all pipe insulation so I can run the script to add them again with the right insulation size.

The thing is, which node can I use to remove all pipe insulation?
I found another topic with the same question but the node suggested there, I couldnt find.
I could only find “Elements.Delete” from archilab, but this node is deleting all pipes that have insulation, not just the insulation.

@Fernandocjr maybe Remove Insulation - #2 by john_pierson

This is the one I found before. But my archilab package does not have this node.

archilab version: 2023.213.1523

The only one I could find in archilab is the one in the image below, which delete not only the insulation, but the pipes.


Sorry, I must have done something wrong, I did run this now and it worked.
My mistake.