Relocate Elements Based on Excel Position Data

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to create a graph that automates the process of moving my point-based elements to their new tenant requested locations in our core model. I created a graph which takes the locations (x,y,z) from the tenant model and puts them into an Excel file, along with the element’s mark and ID. For the second graph, I want to take the data from that Excel file and, based on either the ID or mark, update the locations of the elements in our core model. I am stuck on the second graph; has anyone tried to do something similar in the past which could help me?

Thanks for the help!

The graph which writes to Excel for your reference

Hi @Will.Comeau,

I’ve put together a graph that solves your problem. First I recreated your graph to make sure I was getting all the same information you are collecting into your Excel.

Next I dove into problem solving. My result was this graph:

With a before and after image:



I hope this helps. Here’s the second graph since you already have the Revit to Excel graph knocked out: Change Placement of Element from Excel.dyn (16.6 KB)