Relation category - parameter

Hello. I’m trying to creat a list of elements and some of it’s parameters.
At one point I need to get a specific parameter to each element but I can´t find a node to creat this.
I want something like: to walls get area, to door get height, to railing get length and go one.
Does anyone know how to do it?


look for the Element.GetParamaterByName after you get the elements with a Categories and All Elements of Category nodes.


I don´t want to get all the elements, olny some that I selected.

So, i got the list with the category. I’m trying to replace the names on it, but is not working.

To make a test, I created a list with string imput and it works fine. (upper side of imagem).

You trying to replace the names of some families`? You can’t do it with the these nodes. Its not working like your replace string parameter values.

Your want to change the familytype name.

The Orchid package has some good nodes to get all familys and all family types.
The BattleBIM package has a node “Element.SetName”…so you can change the name of the element.