Reinforcement grafical design

Hi all!

I’m wrinting here for a tip on how to write a script in dynamo.
The script that i want to do must: insert a cross at each sectioned reinforcement bar (in its center of the section).
It’s easy to say, but not to do haha :confused:
I really don’t know where to start!
Can someone help me?

Thank you all,
bye :slight_smile:

Hi Alessandro,

Welcome to the forum.

You need to get the location and check the intersect.
You can check this with a boolean to filter which one is intersect.

After that you can get the intersect point and place for example a family


Thank you for your reply.
I need to do this for all the reinforcement bars, in all the views.
The script will remain the same?


Can you share you’re script?
What do you have?



I agree with @jw.vanasselt, show some work first. As startting point, you can try this:

  • Check if the rebar is shown as a cross-section in your view, using this method:
    IsRebarInSection Method (
  • Get the geometry of those rebars.
  • Find a point on that geometry to place the cross (a family, I guess).


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