Region Boundary Union

Hi All
Some times i have intersected boundaries , circles or 2d elements in general all what i want is to have the outline edges of these boundaries

may be we can start with a simple thing like that

so any one can help here


Hi this is a great start for me
but in my main situation that i have the circles in one list but some of them not intersecting with each other

so what i think if i will use your idea i have to sort my full list to sublists that surely intersect with each other
then try to apply this idea on them right !
but i don`t know a way to do it !!

It would be necessary to show what you’ve done so far to solve this and to explain the related issues you encountered when building your graph…

to share my original code i have to share a very huge file with it , i`m trying to explain my problem on a simple nodes like the one you reply on and if you ask about it Region Boundary Union.dyn (6.6 KB)

Hi @Ahmed_Salah1 ,
@Vikram_Subbaiah 's solution will work in your case too you should try


yeah it worked :slight_smile: thank you

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Alittle late, but will post the example :slight_smile:


Thanks :wink:

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