Regenerating Family symbol in dynamo(python)

Hi guys, I’m quite new in dynamo esp python. I’m coding a program which places doors into wall but it keeps saying that : “the symbol is not active”. So I search for the solution and regenerating family symbol is a must-do work but i don’t know how to code and place it properly in my python editor. Could you guys help me ? Thanks so much !

Here’s the method you need to use. See if you can figure it out. It’s pretty straight forward.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it, can you help me with this code?

What did you try?


I created a new family Instance called: out
And I code: out.Activate() right after a create a new family instance. But it doesn’t work. May be I have to change from instance to symbol, right?

You could also check out the ‘FamilyInstance.ByPointInView’ node from Clockwork. Open that up and in the Python node you’ll see the code you need to regenerate a Family Symbol (family type).

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Yes, you need to activate the symbol before you are able to create a new instance.

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Thanks so much guys, you guys help me a lot.