Refinery . . . "Output with unknown data type is not supported."

I was testing a simple script for Refinery and got an error message of ‘output with unknown data type is not supported’ in the output. It is the same message I got from a more complex script of a torus geometry. Is it a Revit and Dynamo version problem?

All outputs have to be numbers so that they can be optimized. Your geometry will still be visible though.

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I am not exactly understand the outputs have to be numbers. However, the ‘Generate’ works if I set the sliders as both input and output. The graphic didn’t show. It seems like a graphic card problem.

You’re not evaluating anything as currently shown.

  1. Turn all outputs off.
  2. Add a “Solid.Volume” node after your Cuboid.ByLengths node
  3. Place a watch node after that node.
  4. Change the name of the watch node to “The resulting Volume.”
  5. Set the watch node to be an output.

Your graphics issues are unrelated. What version of Refinery and Dynamo are you using?