Referencing alignments from Master file

The topic may look a little bit confusing. I hope I can be able to explain, what I am trying to do.
I would like to use only one dwg file containing all imported alignments from landxml file and keep that file as “Masterfile” for read-only access. Then I will create my dwg file and reference the master which is containing alignments and start dynamo. Now I am wondering is any possibility in the dynamo to use the alignment from the referenced file from the dynamo level? Maybe there Dynamo packed which give this functionality? I know that in the normal civil3d workflow, the only way to reference alignment in the civil3d is to use a data shortcut. If someone has any hints or idea, please share :))

I’m not a Civil 3D power user, but Data Shortcuts would be the way to go here. Rebuilding an out of the box feature in a new way will usually cause more issues than it is worth.

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:
I agree the Data shortcut might be a good way to go. Then, it will requires knowledge of extra processes from end-user to use data shortcuts in Civil3d.
Unfortunately, I am trying to avoid using the data shortcut in Civil3d by end-user or importing the landxml into dwg file by user.
The idea is to reference only dwg file “masterfile” containing alignments, without DS and reference alignments by Dynamo (Dynamo player for enduser) from the referenced file.


Yes this can be accomplished with DocumentExtenstions.GetXRefs and BlockReference.Block nodes. Let us know what kind of task this is as we may be able to learn from your idea and experience :smiley:

Alignments from xref v0.dyn (25.1 KB)

Hi Kirk,

Thank you for the hints and provided ideas. Unfortunately, after sourcing the name of alignment the object functionality is lost and it does not work for the further needed blocks. Please see pic below.

The funny fact is that some dynamo block can get length information or entities of elements for instance:

I think it might be a limitation of Civil3dtoolkit to read the object offset from the alignment function of the referenced alignment from xref. (if it makes sense :slight_smile: )

My other idea is the data-shortcuts for alignments from Masterfile.

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Not necessarily. It should work fine to get the station/offset values from a point. What does the warning say? My guess is that the point(s) are not within the valid range of the Alignment.


Yeah if the point is not within the limits of the alignment you get a “Derefencing a non-pointer” error. You also might need to use cross-product lacing if using multiple alignments

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