Reference dyn. file in Visual Studio

Hi all,

Trying to build my own Revit Ribbon. Started a new project in Microsoft Visual Studio.
Referenced the 2 needed Revit dll file’s.
Next step would be to also reference the needed file’s that will become a button in the ribbon. But, I want to have one of my dynamo scripts as a button, which is a dyn. file. Visual Studios can only reference dll. files. How do I do this?

Or do you guys have another idea for me as to how to create and organise my own ribbon.

Fairly new to scripting btw. so I started following this tutorial:

Welcome to the community!
I can’t offer any advice towards how to handle in Visual Studio, but if you are looking for relatively easy way to incorporate your scripts to a Revit ribbon, give Dyno Browser a looksee.

Hi @nicinico,

You might want to consider pyRevit (How to pyRevit: What is an Extension and How to Create One - YouTube) where you can create your own Revit tab in the ribbon without using C#.