Rectangular Pipes re-sized from Excelsheet

Hello everyone.
I’m begin to use Dynamo for Civil 3D.

First step, I export Pipes or Structures datas into Excel: it works very fine.
I’m working with rectangular pipes with several values, see attached.

I compute many values from different other Exclesheets into my new Excelsheet I want to use to refresh values for my Pipes Inner dimensions (Width Height).
I found a temporary soluion to do this with reading column from my Excelsheet, and filling Innerdimension with those values: see attached

But as you saw, my partsize is more complex, and I want to fill either Width and Height from specific values.

Do you have any ideas ?

Hello everyone,
Dear @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1

does any one have an idea to build dyn code to resize ractangular pipes from excel values ?

In the sapmle I have posted 4 days ago, I could change only the width of my different pipes, by using Function: Pipe.SetSizeByInnerDimension; it works fine !

The problem is that I have many parts size with same width, and different height…

That’s why I need your help,
maybe by using Pipe.SetSize function, but I don’t have results at the moment !

Thanks in advance.

you can do it already without using that node, you need to select the correct part size from Excel

Dear @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1

I try this directly

could you help me to assume invalid format ?

Can you understand the error? you are passing texts rather than the actual PartSize

Hi @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1,

yes I understand the mistake by passing text rather than partsize.

That’s my wish to “create” partsize from Excel Values to modify Pipes geometric properties.

Could you give me the way ?

Hi everyone,

to precise I solved my case by reproducing /adapting the great Dynamo Code found in the message 4 of this subject:

and by using Node Part.SetPartDataValueByName

It works fine !