Rebar numbers to excel

hi i have a problem with export of my Rebar schedule to excel.
all my required parameters are listed and exported fine except for - Count
which is the parameter that specifies the number of sets of a specific rebar number.
i can see that it is not available as a parameter but only accessable in my schedule.
and i dont know how to access it.

Hello Mike!

That’s because you get the parameters from each rebar set, and if that rebar set is counting itself, it will always count 1. (It’s not a parameter, but number of elements)

Hope that explains it.

Hi Einar
not entirely the shown example was a simplified test. attached is an example from one of our projects where the schedule has differing counts of bar sets and its this number i cannot extract. ?

is it possible to access this?

Isn’t that because you have grouped the items (unchecked itemize every instance) in your schedule?

yes, rebars are grouped by partition and rebar number, as all rebars with the same shape and dimensions are automatically given the same bar number(bar mark in this case).
my count(sets of bars) should be possible to generate in dynamo by grouping and counting in some way i guess?

Yes, for sure:

fantastic ! thanks for the feedback.

i have a second stage to this which is my real focus, with revisions to reinforcing we are required to show changes to the schedule - rebar added, changed (in number or dimesion) or deleted, currently i solve with some lookup and compare functions in excel but am sure its possible …any good ideas how to approach this :slight_smile:

You would have to store the data somewhere, because Dynamo is limited to work with one Revit file at a time. So to me Excel sounds like a good tool for this. I like the idea.

Hi Mike, can you share the script please?

No problem, very much a work in progress so no groups or credits to packages etc yet.
but heres the script:)rebar list.dyn (42.6 KB)