Rebar not present in Dynamo

Can anyone help me understanding why in my Dynamo the Rebar tools are not present?
thank you

search for packages with rebar and dl one or more

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@luca.dellasanta can you please provide some more examples of what you are trying to do? your question is not very clear. but I would suggest downloading some custom packages that deal with rebar and then posting some work with any questions or error messages you might have

I’m trying to design rebar for wind turbines foundations

Dynamo itself will not help you “design” anything- at least, not in the sense of structural design, like figuring out how much rebar you need for a particular application.

The best way to get help in this group is to make a first attempt at solving your specific problem in Dyanmo, and posting with what you’ve done, and where you are stuck.

If that isn’t possible, you need to ask a specific question. “Trying to design rebar” is way too broad of a topic. What to you mean by “design”? Lay out rebar geometrically within a given shape? Calculate the amount of rebar necessary based on loads and material strength?

In your original post, “Rebar tools are not present” is also not really specific enough for anyone to provide an answer, either. Which “rebar tools” are you looking for? What have you done to find, load, or install these tools? And there’s the basics- What version of Revit are you using? What version of Dynamo?

People here are happy to help- but you need to present the information necessary to get any kind of reasonable answer.


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thanks Joe for the suggestions…
I am using Revit 2018 and Dynamo
first of all I can’t find rebar oject inside my Library (I tried to search for packages but the reseach is always empty …I think it could be the firewall, working in a company), so I decided to start selecting a bar that I had already drawn in revit, but then it seems like I can’t get any property out of it.
Basically what I need to do is to find a way to manage curved bars (lenght, section dimension, circular distrubution) to apply a concentric offset having the possibbility to set different properties for each concentric circle.


You can also download packages with