Rebar Host Count

He tried to create a host count parameter for the rebars, but it turns out that I do not match what is really modeled, someone I would like to help. Thank you

Can you explain a little more what you’re trying to do? Showing the node previews would be really helpful too.

I have modeled the longitudinal rebar one by one, but for practical purposes of labeling I need to see how many of those same reinforcing bars are in that column, so I have created a parameter called QC_Host_Count in which I should place the amount that there is per element . the scrip I have made does not work well since that column has 16 rebar, however the value obtained is 6.

Could you share your graph and a stripped down version of your model?

Yeah right.

Compartir.dyn (10.1 KB)
Modelo_Compartido.rvt (2.7 MB)

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So you’re wanting each rebar to show a count of how many of that type are in each individual column, correct?

So if Column A has 6-36s and 10-37s, each 36 in that Column A would show a count of 6 and each 37 would show a count of 10. Then Column B would show the count for each type it contains.

Your current graph is getting the Rebar Number for each rebar in the entire project, not just its host column.

You have a lot of reason, and misinterpreted the srcip, what it does is to count the number of columns in which this rebar. Any ideas to do what I need?

Ok so I had it backwards. You want to count how many columns have that specific type.

In that case, it looks like it’s working for me. Can you find where in your graph it seems to be failing?

So that the columns work for me too, but in reality it’s not what I want, what I want is what I have is the number of bars of the same number of bars inside the column, to get the label on the number of reinforcement bars.

I’m trying, but I do not know what node to use to tell me the same elements in the list.

I’m a little confused. Is that not what I described before?
Can you draw a diagram of what you’re wanting?

I’m sorry for the translation, I use Google translator. I want to get the number of rebars of the same number of bars within each column. For the labeling, the quantity appears as shown:

No worries, I just want to make sure we’re getting you the right solution. :slight_smile:

So you’ll want to group by host first. Then you can group by Rebar Number and get the counts. You’ll also need a little list level magic to get everything mapped properly.

This get’s you the number of rebar of each Rebar Number per column. Your last comment shows the total number of rebar per size, which would be the same process but with the rebar diameter obviously.

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I’m doing great, thank you very much, this will save me a lot of time.

Hello again, everything was fine until I found the beams, it turns out that there reinforcement I have modeled use fixed number, for the upper and lower. and I have come across the surprise that the rebar set considers it as a single element. help I could do.

It looks like you would need to get the count and the Quantity and multiply them together.

Hello, I work very well, but I have another problem, I must make this detail:


They are individual, when using multiple labeling, they count as 1 (when in fact they are 3), based on the previous sript that tells me the bars by diameter, it is possible to group them again by their location (top, bottom), to add a number parameter and get the value of the quantity.

QC-Rebar-Parametros-Cantidades.dyn (37.5 KB)

It depends on how the family is setup, but you should be able to get the location and check the Z-coordinates.

Hi, thanks for the idea of seeing the family settings, I found a value that gave me the number of labeled bars as a result. Now I just have to try to have everything labeled automatically don dynamo.