Rebar Shape Parameters

Hi All,

I’m struggling with a rebar shape parameters. This is the case:

  • If I create a rebar element like the one from the image below:

In red, It shows that the rebar shape is M_02 and it has hooks at both ends. Its dimension parameters are (A -> R), which the sum of them plus 2 times the bending radius is the Total Length:


  • However, when I create a rebar using Dynamo4Rebar package, like the one in the next image:

it has only the A parameter and the total lengths. Notice that the TotalBarLength is quite longer than the sum:


THIS only happens if I make this kind of rebars (straight with hooks or with one hook), a straight bar is automatically recognized as a M_00 shape.

So, I would like to know how can I get the other parameters? DO I have to create a rebar shape to be recognized in the way that I want? Putting measurements in the different segments?

I tried to check how the first one (M_02) was created, and I couldn’t find the parameters instead of “B”.

Thanks in advance!

Hi All,

Found something. I created a rebar Shape like I wanted adjusting the parameters here:

Now, all my rebars have this configuration. I’ll do some tests and if it behaves as I think it will, I’ll post it as a solution!.

Meanwhile, I’m open to suggestions.


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The only thing missing, I don’t know where to configure the Bar Length and Total Bar Length parameters?


I created a new parameter TotalBarLength with a formula, but those two, I can’t find them, so I don’t know why the lengths are so big:

Sorry guys. I google it a little bit and I found this:


this is the source:


If someone find it useful. I recreated the Total Length:



Hi @Jorge_Villarroel,

I would like to use Dynamo also to controle Rebar shapes and controle the lenght of the shapes.
Could you tell me the basics of how you’ve done it?
Don’t give away the clue please!! I just want a push in the right direction.

Do I have to use a package to contole the shapes or can it be done just by using the standard Dynamo nodes?

Thanks in advance for helping.

With kind regards,

Hi @Mike_Wellink, glad to help!. I just opened the rebar shape family and adjusted all the parameter that I wanted, manually. In this case, I didn’t do anything in Dynamo.

You just need to be sure what every single parameter does and which parameter do you want to adjust. FO the parameters with the Spanish text, I needed a shared parameter file with those parameters defined.

The final step was just playing with some equations to get the lengths that I needed.

I think this wasn’t quite a Dynamo question, but I’m sure that if you want to control complex rebar shapes, you can do it in it. If I’ll create a script to do that I’ll post it here, but in the meantime, this was all the work done here.

Hope I could help with a part of your question.

Best Regards!

Hi @Jorge_Villarroel,

Indeed it answered a bit of my question… but not all of it.
I already had a quick look into the seperate shape family’s and found out that all the shapes have the same parameters. Only the value’s are different.
So all I need now is to figure out how to adress a rebar shapes via Dynamo (set the parameters the way I need them to be) and how to position them in my Revit rebar host. This rebar host is also created using a dynamo script that takes it’s input from Excel.

I’ll keep digging. If I find something I’ll post it here to.

Kind regards,

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