Rebar.ByCurve and Rebar Style errors

Hello @Maximilian_Thumfart1,
Thanks for updating !! Keep up the good work.

Hi Max,
How are you doing on the update? :upside_down_face:


I updated everything to 2.0 but there are some issues with the UI nodes - however its only affecting the dropdown nodes and you can easily work without them. So we’ll release an update next week.


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Hi Guys, we just released the Dynamo 2.0 and Revit 2018 Version. Now there is another change for Revit 2019 as well. If you want a quickfix: Download the latest package and then replace the DynamoRebar.dll in
%AppData%\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.0\packages\Dynamo for Rebar\bin
with this DLL:
We’ll update the package again soon.


@Maximilian_Thumfart1 Hey thanks for the update, but when I download the quickfix and replace it in the folder it removes the Dynamo for Rebar from the menu in Dynamo… Any advice?

Please make sure the dll is not blocked (properties).

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It works now. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Anicius,
what is your Revit version ? is it Revit 2019 ?

Hello there,

Any update about the rebar.bycurve issue? I’m getting other kind of error message:

Plaese beware that I’m relatively new to Dynamo for Revit, I’ve been trying to add vertical distributed rebar to curved walls using this (thanks to @Dieter_Vermeulen for his Dynam(o)ite course at AU 2016), but Im currently struggling with this node.

Any advice or update? Thanks.

Are you also using Revit 2019 ?

Yes it’s Revit 2019 too.

Please follow the instruction as described in the Readme for now:

the problem is I don’t have permissions to update the package at the moment.

Hi Maximilian and thanks for the update,

I’ve replaced the dll file as specified in the readme but I still got the same issue…

Please notify us here when there is an update about this package.

Best regards.

Dear @Maximilian_Thumfart1

Still Rebar.bycurve node is not working. please help.

Hi Mohammad, please read the error message: Unable to make wire from edge body: Self Intersects. Looks like your input geometry is not valid. Make sure your input geometry is fine. Sometimes it helps to rebuild it, because it looks like there are self-intersections.

FYI: the latest dll is working fine and tested. We’ll update the package as soon as possible.

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There is any updated version Dynamo for Rebar available Revit 2020?


Any update DynamoRebar.dll for revit 2020?

Hi, I can build you a version this weekend.


That would be great! :slight_smile: