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What I am trying to do is get to outputs (element location) from two different models and see if they match in the same location or not (In this case it is sprinklers which I have put in the architectural model and sprinklers in the MEP model) But I’m faced with a problem; the list output works in a kind of invisible string of placements (If the first sprinkler is placed the second one is closer to it than the seventh one. When I list the outcome of as true or false if both the models were made exactly the same order it works. But as the sprinklers where placed by two different people than of course the outcome won’t be as dynamo requires (the order of placement). Therefore it sees it as all false.
Please see list input and outcome attached in the image (hope it should the problem) and also the excel list of points.
Thanks for your help in advance.

Sprinkler.xlsx (275.0 KB)


look at this great post from @Dimitar_Venkov , It might give you ideas

I tried it based of your excell file, it seems to do the trick (if you don’t give it a tolerence you don’t have many - only 7 :slight_smile: - points matching though…):


The above concept applied to your case would look like this…

However, it doesn’t work as expected.
I suspect the code is alright, there seems to be an underlying issue with Points in Dynamo that I’ve reported here.

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@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi and @Vikram_Subbaiah Thank you very much for your answer. Both of them works great!