Help with "ExcelWriteToFile", spoky behaviour when several instances in use


I’m extensivly using the write to excel nodes (40 of them) on a Dynamo version.

  1. At first I was just asking myself if it could slow down my graph and I could gain speed by feeding the combined data into only one node, but I wasn’t able to figure out how to construct the arrays of data.

Does anybody know if a bigger amount of excel nodes takes more time than just one with al the data?

Did anybody already use combined data with only one excel node??


  1. Now I’m noticing a strange behaviour:

It seems that all the excel nodes did comunicate at some point, since the node for line 135 shows data which the node for line 142 was told to transfer to excel.

Does anybody know about that?




Thorsten, This is indeed spooky behavior. I don’t know what possibly could be wrong but man, you really need to brush up on list management first. I would try list.combine and use list.create as a combinator to join all these lists together while maintaining their association. Can you post here images of where you are struggling with combining data into one list and I am sure people will be able to get you all sorted out.

List management skills indeed, one of the required staple skills of Dynamo :slight_smile: It takes a while to know how to manipulate data in any kind of situation, but it’s something you absolutely have to master. As to combining data before writing, one other node I’m finding to be valuable when composing the data before writing to Excel is the Insert node (sometimes also requires changing the lacing settings if you pass a list to the “element” port). I would compose/stitch all the data before writing it as a) I personally like the graphs to be as compact and simplified as possible and b) it’s probably a little faster.