Reading Property Value wrong

Hi, I’m trying to read a property from a property set on my objects. The property is with a value in AutoCAD, but on Dynamo it reads another value.
It was supposed to store a handlerID a object and on AutoCAD it is right, but on Dynamo, instead of the handler ID stored on the property, it gets the handlerID of the holder of that property.

It’s a little hard to see what is going on in the first image because the node inputs/outputs are missing. Are you trying to extract the object handle for each object? Or is the LabelHandler property a manual property definition that you created?

Hi @deividsteffens

Your image is not clear. looks like you are too zoomed out in the canvas. Try zooming in further and then use camera button (top-right) built into Dynamo - it screenshots the entire canvas, not just the visible portion.

Oh sorry, I didn’t realize that.
But to be clear. LabelHandler is a manually set property. On the secund image you can see the the value on the property on autocad is “9BCB”, but if you look on Dynamo, you can’t find that value. Actually on Dynamo instead of reading the value of the property, it is showing the handle id of the object with that property set.

Hmm, I’m seeing the same thing on my end. I think it might be a bug. I tested on several different property names and it seems like this happens whenever the word “handle” is contained in the name. From what I can tell it doesn’t matter if there are any characters before or after; if it contains “handle” in any form, it will return the object handle instead of the property value.

@Kulkul - can you confirm before we submit an issue on GitHub?

@deividsteffens - I guess for now you’ll just have to choose a different name for that property.

Hi @mzjensen

Do you have a dwg file for me to test first? I think it’s possible read property value. Could you please drop here test file?

@deividsteffens can you post your files?

Changing the name from LabelHandler to LabelID solved the problem.