Reading .csv from webpage

I’m trying to import data from a csv file from a webpage. I know I could save it first, but where’s the fun in that. I trying to get the data in lists . Does anyone have a possible workflow? Do I have to use stringmanagement?



You can use web request to read the file. But it will give you raw data.

See below


But you can use python to read the data instead


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Excellent! I did what you described in the first post. But the pythonscript is smoother! Maybe save as package?


I’ve made a version with the url as input and split by separator.

Bilde uten tittel


I tried uploading but I got the message under. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Bilde uten tittel

Jostein, could you please tell me more on what you were trying to acheive and what you managed to do?

@Maciej_Wypych original image:

hey I am trying to access a shared excel file as well. But when I try this method I get these errors. Can anyone help me out please?

Line 9 - - > misspelled response

You can see why it failed at the end of the exception (scroll down)