readAsStrings Excel Read

Hi Guys,

Could anyone highlight the meaning of ‘readAsStrings’ ?



It will pull all of the data from the excel file as strings (Text-ish). Even if they are numbers (integers). This means we can tie that to text parameters in revit right away or insert other strings. It takes a Boolean to toggle it


I hope that makes sense.

And just to provide a little more info. A string is defined as a sequence of characters.

Thanks for the prompt response, John !

Pls see attached. Why am i getting an error in reading a simple excel file?



Add a file from path node between file path and excel read. That should do the trick.


Thanks so much, John !

Could you indicate how finally I stay? pls

    <li style="text-align: left;">My company has apple computers with a windows parallel system. All of the microsoft office products like excel are on the Mac side while Revit and Dynamo are on the windows side. I am trying to reference an excel file to push data into my rooms. However I keep getting an error that "excel is not installed" in Dynamo. Does this have to do with the windows parallel and mac conflict?![Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.16.32 AM|1301x423](upload://81np9xlvA9mlG7kI7Jb3Cqd6y85.png)

Hi Sheppe,

You could save your spreadsheet as a *.csv file and use the “ImportFromCSV”. Alternatively there’s the “Raindrops” package. I haven’t tested it on the newer versions of Dynamo, but with it you can save your data in a Google spreadsheet and directly read it in Dynamo.