Converting a list of numbers to a list of strings?

Hello, I’m a newbie to python and dynamo and I am having trouble finding a clean solution to add units to a list of numbers. Is there an clean way to convert that list to a list of string based elements and then append a string to each line? The trouble I have with appending is the range of the list is dynamic and I don’t know of a way to make my unit list to stretch to the same range. Hopefully, this make sense.

Not very clean, but if you add the units before you combine the lists it should work for you. Also, instead of the code block there is a built in node that will create the lists, List.Create



Thanks! I did not know about the Rhythm nodes. The reason I used a code block for the list compilation was to drill down on the correct level prior to combination. Otherwise I would have to flatten each time. Made sense in my head to do it that way.


Thanks Vikram for simplifying it.

We even do not need to add separate Code Block node.

We can do it al in one go. I know Vikram must be knowing this but gave elaborated way.

Here you go, everything in one command, this is the power of DesignScript.

All, thank you! That is so simple and so blatant once I see it. Must have had some logic block :slight_smile:

You can do it in many ways.ADD_TEXT_to_a_LIST