List to number

Hi all,

I hope an easy one, I should be missing something but I am struggling to find out where is the issue.
Please see the attached image, I am trying to import some measurements from an excel into a workflow that I already had created (having the inputs previously with sliders).
It seems there should be a problem to recognise the list as a number, the workflow perfectly works with the slider and a simple number but it doesn’t when I use a number from the list.
Could anyone please help?

it looks like the output from the former node is ints/doubles, not strings.
try to use the Object.Type node to check what your output/input is

Hi @erfajo
Thanks for your response,
I have just now and it seems to be System.Int32

Sorry @erfajo

Just realised I put the wire in the wrong node, hopefully well attached now.
However both of them seem to be double type so I don’t still understand why one fully works while the other doesn’t.