Read code of existing nodes in dynamo


I am new to dynamo and i was wondering is it possible to see code for existing nodes in dynamo, for example:
ByPointsFaceIndices node under geometry>mesh inside dynamo.

Thank you

Any part of dynamo that is open sourcd and the nodes are out of the box then the source could can be found on dynamos github page(

There is also a dynamorevit page here(, for anything related to dynamo for revit.

Note: some geometric libraries are not open sourced!

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Thank you very much for feedback

@Brendan_Cassidy I am trying to read code of existing dynamo library nodes, specifically the BlockReference.ByCoordinateSystem node, but still cant find it based on your suggestion. is there a certain file in the github I should reference?

If this is a Civils 3d Node i do not think this has been released for people to see, therefore you wont be able to see the code for this.