Raybounce to topography

Hi guys.

I am trying to get distance between two points.

To get one point, I used Raybounce node and my target surface was topography model.
The problem was raybounce nodes(OOTB, custom package) could not recognise the topo model.
Of course, I can transform the topo model to polysurface and use project function.
However, It takes too much time compared to process using the raybounce node.

Is it limitation of raybounce node or my fault?


Are you trying to get the shortest distance to a topo surface from a given point above or below it?

Hi @harilalmn.

Yes, If i can find the shortest distance from a given point. I could get a point on topo surface.

But ray bounce node is not working properly, and project node takes long processing time.