RayBounce OTTB / RayBounce on Linked model Datashapes - Different values from Vector.Z points

Hey I’m having bit of an issue.
I have made at script which measures the first point of contact within a Room to given categories of elements.
To do this I use the Point.Z on the OTTB RayBounce.
This gives me 2 values. The starting point from the room, and the to the first element encountered.
I the subract these from each to get the actual height. This works perfectly.

But now i wanted the scrip to be able to take linked elements into account, som i used the “RayBounce On Linked Model” from DataShapes. But with using this i don’t get the starting point only the toppoint. Is there someway for me to get that startning point extracted from this node?

Hope this makes sense, I have added a simplified edition of the script that shows the different output

Best regards Henrik

Hi @Henrik,

You already have the starting points in the GetLocation node.
If you want a similar list structure to the OOTB Raybounce node add a List.Create and a List.Transpose nodes.

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Hej Alban
Thank you. I didn’t even think of that!
But it seems to work. :smiley:

But the results I from the OTTB- and DS-Raybounce is still not the same.
But now it is actually not the start point that is wrong, but the top point.
Maybe something wrong with the DS-node?
If you see list 4, i dont get the same results?

I too am curious to know that from where the OOTB node gets its reference/datum value for the striking point? I also changed elevation of project base point but the result of the “Points” value from ootb remains same.

Hoping to receive a response.


Just figured out that it is from “Project Origin”, not project base point.
Hence if someone needs to set a relativity with levels and offsets, it might pose some issue.