Ray casting node without Revit model in dynamo workspace?

Hi all
Recently I created some generative script analyzing sun rays with a loop. Problem is that I have to in every passthrough to create geometry in Revit, then delete it. Node RayBounce doesn’t work when I have no imported geometry in dynamo workspace. I looked everywhere for a solution but found nothing. Is there any known alternative for RayBounce node with can work with dynamo-only geometry? Ty for help in advance

Not sure I can help without a bit more insight into the specifics, but you could start by converting your geometry into a solid, then extending your point as a line, doing a Geometry.Intersect to reduce the lines with only the parts that overlap the solid, and then get the start point.

This will be quite computationally heavy though.

I get what you mean, Geometry.Intersect node is nice but I have to know before, with parts of geometry I will test and choose it. RayBounce is giving me geometry that ray hits. When I have alot of rays and alot of elements its impossible to match every ray with every part of geometry.

This is when i have to create every Ray :

And this is when i use RayBounce, creating geometry in Revit before:

That geometry should make a single solid though. Are you looking for the surfaces?

I’m looking for rays with are blocked by the geometry. Rays hitting the sun dosen’t count and don’t show up on the screen.

Hmmm… a maximum shadow study of sorts?