Raster printing for shaded views when exporting to DWFx / viewing on BIM 360


When exporting views of a Revit file with Dynamo to Dwfx format file, I get this warning of switching the printing to raster instead of vectorial because the views contain either shading, shades, point clouds, sketch lines, depth cueing, gradients or coordination models.

The result is that elements on the views cannot be selected to see properties or filter select visually elements using the views of a DWFx exported format.

Also if the Revit file uploaded on BIM 360 Document Management, the BIM360 viewer shows the views in grey scale colours instead of the original shaded colours controlled by colour schemes, filters, or graphic overrides in Revit; and the technical support of Autodesk answered same causes of this behaviour in BIM360.


Is there any trick to fix that behaviour when exporting/printing using Dynamo? or is this something impossible that must be resolved by Autodesk?

thanks for your attention

There is no way to to graphics at that level in a vector format. Soon as you introduce shading and other ‘shaded’ content which utilizes specific aspects of OpenGL or some other part of the display pipeline. There have been some efforts to revamp this, but it impacts a LOT of the tech stack (beyond Autodesk as well).

It’s very extrange though, that when exporting to DWFx from Revit or a plugin as diroots prosheets , I don’t receive the Revit warning window, I have seen this only when exporting using Dynamo script. I am thinking that perhaps it’s caused by the virtual printer, that in this case is selected one called Default and it looks like Adobe PDF printer