Randomizing Parameter Values & Export Image

Hello All,

I am using “DynanimatorFunction Numeric Parameter” custom node in order to export images while changing my parameters.
But what I have to do before feeding my variables in “value” (input for “Element.SetParameterByName” node) is; randomizing the values that are in min-max range (using List.Shuffle node)

I do not know how to manipulate this node in order to get the desired results.

Thanks for your help.

Could it be that dynamo sees only one export path and filename? Maybe you should add a consequential suffix to avoid overwriting the same file. Do you mean when you re-run the script?

Or maybe it is just that you are feeding a string instead of a real “Directory path” into the directory path input?

Edit: I just tried this node and it exports an image for each different (single input) iteration with changes in the png. Could you post a dummy rvt file please?

GregX thanks for your time. but my question was something else. I have specified it with the red question mark in the image I attached.

Maybe I didn’t explain it well. I will edit it a little bit.

In this node when you define the min & max values it will create a list of ascending numbers and the parameters values will be changed in a hierarchy.

“But what I want to do is randomizing the arrangement of my list first, and then feed it into the node.”

What I think could be done is changing inside of the “custom node”. But I don’t know how to change the Code Block function & using List.Shuffle…

I appreciate if someone could give a suggestion.

Oh pardon me for misunderstanding.
The output of that codeblock is just a value, so if you shuffle that list you will always obtain that value.

Do you want a totally random number between the min and max? In that case you could try something like this:

This will work with only one image

Unfortunately didn’t help.
Due to my understanding, the iterating shouldn’t be omitted in order to let all the values be written from each loop?

Does anyone else have a suggestion?

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