Questions about the Random Node

Hi I was playing around with Dynamo (I’m new to the program) and had an issue.

I made a grid and I placed my family, but I want to make the value of the instance parameter randomly different for each of the placed families. As you can see from my attached file, I thought I was doing it right, but when I hook up the random node it makes the value for everything the same!

I hope I’m explaining myself adequately…

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks so much! I hooked up random nodes to my number range hooked up to my random seed and now everything is working the way I want!

Look here:

hope this helps!

Oh I see! Thanks! I set up a number range node and it worked.

But how come when I hit run multiple times the numbers coming out from the random node do not change? Is there a way to make the random node spew out multiple random sets?


You need a loop, or a list, in your file only one random number is created.