Randomize Curtain Wall panels

Hi Everyone

Please could someone help rebuild what this user did to randomize his curtain wall panels?

I cant seem to get the correct nodes in the latest version of Dynamo to make this work.

Here is the link


it would be awesome. I am currently doing something similar by manually changing the grids and mullions on a curtain wall and it is super slow.

any help will as always be much appreciated!

Hi @Dirk_Klein
In the video, the person uses visibily to “hide” randomly selected panels. check out this topic, I think it will show you how to do that :

However, I don’t thing it’s the best way to randomize a curtain wall facade. I think it would be better to populate the curtain wall with different types of panels as shown in this topic:

John pierson was even nice enough to share his graph :slight_smile:

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Hi Mostafa


I ended up using this graph


It Works Great i have a question though. What does this part mean? (see image Circled in red)

Iknow that it has something to do with picking out the steps to randomize. I’d just like to understand the ‘wording’ behind it.
Randomize panel pattern B.dyn (11.1 KB)

THANKS again. this literally save the user 2 weeks!

this code block gives two outputs that will then be used as minimum an maximum values for the creation of a random list of numbers.

-0.5 is litterally -0.5 …
in x-0.6, x is the amount of elements coming out of your “all elements of family type” node.

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I have created this Dynamo Script to randomize the curtain wall panels within the curtain wall for your reference. Applied the Lunchbox node - FamilyInstance.SetType.

Hope this help!


Here are another test of randomize the curtain panels, the curtain system of a mass also works on it.

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I cant find this FamilyInstance.SetType node. I downloaded Lunchbox, but there no this node.

Sorry, I made a mistake, not LunchBox, the correct one is Clockwork for Dynamo 1.x

I’ve tried to run this graph and the FamilyInstance.SetType looks different to the one presented.
And yet somehow it doesn’t seem to be willing to work…

Since I am fairly new to the game I can’t really get my head around this particular node.

Just link Select Model Element to the import of Family Instance.SetType (familyInstance) will be fine.

Hey all.
I am trying to make this script work for my needs. I keep getting a false return on “Success” I believe it may have something to do with using non system panels. But not sure how to resolve this issue. If anyone has a suggestion?