Random Point Cluster

I’m trying to make points randomly located on a surface but still have them cluster around dark regions in a JPEG (like the one below). Is it possible?


@B_Derrick Could you elaborate a bit more? Are you intending on using the jpeg in your work flow? And what is the surface like? An screen capture of what you’ve started in Dynamo would be of use as well to help you get to your end goal. :slight_smile:

I can get the points on the surface no problem. There is random point node that will place the points randomly on the surface. The surface is just a flat ceiling. I’m just trying to concentrate the points based on a jpeg used in the work flow. I’m trying to achieve something like this:


Notice how they’re clustering around the darker regions. Is there a way to accomplish this in Dynamo?

@awilliams Here’s my progress so far. Notice how I have the points randomly placed but I’m trying to work in the density based on the jpeg (pixel’s dark/light levels).

take a look at the zero-touch tutorials

There is one example on using the AForge library that if similar to what you are doing

@B_Derrick Brightness can be used to determine density of points
pntsClstr.dyn (45.4 KB) (ver 2.1)


Thanks @Vikram_Subbaiah, that has me headed in the right direction.

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