Random pattern extrusion


I am trying to generate random extrusion. but somehow it only works for the first a few panels. the rest seems like only extrude with the same height. can anyone help me with this?Thanks.

I’ve tried similar challenges. Note that the approach is similar.
It’s still a test phase.


The problem is that you have a lot of overlapping panels obscuring the others. They overlap because Geometry.Split is splitting the same version of the surface for every line, so for the first split you end up with 99 pieces of surface, rather than the 50 you want (That’s why you get a nested list of surfaces). Try using Ctrl-i to inspect the individual pieces of surface and you’ll see what I mean, e.g. at [25] on the first split node you get two large surfaces, split at line [25]. The other lines have no effect on these surfaces:

I would suggest using Springnodes Geometry.SplitRecursively nodes which splits a piece of geometry recursively using every cutting element so that you get the desired subdivisions. I’ve attached a revised version of the graph in Dynamo 2.

Split.dyn (57.1 KB)


Hi Thomas,

very clear description and It works. Thanks a lot.

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