Random List By Rule

Hi Dynamians!

I want to create a random list of numbers between a min range and max range by a variable number where every item is greater than the previous one.

For instance if min range=0 and max range=1 and number=5, I want the list to be something like this

0, 0.1252 , 0,26477, 0,63473 , 0.94245, 1

What would be the best way?

Maybe like this?


Thanks @Einar_Raknes. It’s amazing how some problems have simple solutions. I was looking at doing it with Python!
Another question:

Is there any way to control how evenly these numbers are distributed?
For instance one more evenly distributed list of random numbers between 0 & 5 can be {0,1.1,2.4,3.2,4.5,5} or one less evenly distributed list can be {0,1.1,1,9,2.1,2.6,5}

Here is one sugestion:


@HossZamani this will help as well if you want a set of random numbers generated from the random numbers…=)