Create Random integer list

hi guys,

i need to create random list of integers to randomize family parameter.

could i seed this ?

that is what happen when i need to randomize the material parameter, its not fully random.

any help?


Try using “Math.Random” and “Map.RemapRange”:

actually my formula taken from this topic using “Math.Random” and “Map.RemapRange” but its also gives same result.

please i need help

What about generating a true random list of items from a different source and jamming it into your script?

Sure you can’t just hit “random random random” every time in your script. But I’m sure you can sort of mix in these random lists with some of your own random math to generate a pseudo uniform random list generator.

On the other hand, you could probably generate a random list using a python node. I believe Python does allow you to seed your randoms.