Random Curtain Grid not removing segments


I have tried to recreate @john_pierson graph to randomly delete curtain grids across a wall. I can collect all the vertical grids, get their curves, but when I try to plug these into the Delete Grids not I error out with all null values.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


@Benjamin_Doty1, you need to explode the poly curve to obtain the individual curve segments

I have tried PoflyCurve.Curve, Geometry.Explode and Curves.DeconstructPolyCurves nodes but with no luck. All of the error messages are the same.

Is there a specific node I should be using, or am I plugging it in at the wrong location.


Can you share a graph and sample file?

Please see the attached

CWGridRandom_01.dyn (34.6 KB)

And a link to the .RVT file https://bcj.sharefile.com/d-s968226f45e84acbb

Thanks for looking at this.

Here is a revised DYN. The explode was in the wrong place and the remove needs curves not DisplayGeometry.

What I added is in blue
CWGridRandom_01.dyn (34.9 KB)

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Brilliant, thanks!

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