RAM filling up with the use of Dynamo

At our company we’ve been using scripts through buttons in a custom toolbar in the Revit toolbar. I’ve noticed that using Dynamo scripts slows down the computers significally and decided to do some tests. It turns out that Dynamo takes up RAM memory, that doesn’t free up again until Revit is shutdown and restarted:

Every time I open Dynamo and a random script it takes up ~500MB RAM memory (this doesn’t include running the script, just opening the script and closing Dynamo). Doing this 4 times (open Dynamo, closing Dynamo) fills up ~2000MB RAM.

Every time i use a script through the custom toolbar (running a script without opening the Dynamo UI) it fills up ~100MB RAM memory. Also running a script 4 times it adds up to ~400MB RAM.

In both cases the RAM memory that is filled up by Dynamo doesn’t free up again until Revit is shutdown.
Is there a way to free up the RAM memory ( preferably through a OOTB node or a py node ) that Dynamo fills up without restarting Revit?

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Does this behavior reproduce if you use Dynamo Player instead of the toolbar?

Hello Jacob,

I’ve just tested this and the same pattern continues. Using the Dynamo Player it adds ~80MB to the used RAM every time. Also this adds up with every use.

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