Quickly dimensions

I saw the class of MARCELLO SGAMBELLURI. AS10613: More Practical Dynamo: Practical Uses for Dynamo Within Revit.
He used the script below to create quickly dimensions between structural columns and grids.

The challenge is to get the center point of the structural columns and use them how reference to dimension.
How can I do it?

I tried to adapt the Bentley’s script but no sucess.Dimension to gridlines.dyn (14.7 KB)

MyVit package, GridDimension node. :slight_smile:

Hi Jean, thanks by answer but it isn’t exactly what I’m looking for.
Your node creates dimensions between grids only.
My challenge is to find the nearest grids in x-axis and y-axis and insert dimensions between them and the center point of structural columns.

When I tried to use your gridDimension, there was an error and the script only created the highlight dimension.
Could you fix this error? Thanks

Hi Dantas,
Firstly, thank you for trying out MyVit package. My nodes will never cause you parallel error because i make grid reference only.
According to warning message dimension are no longer parallel which happens when you take reference on multiple elements.You need to move your column a bit and move back to its position. This really should be fine.

Hi Jean,
I create a sample with grids only to test the grid Dimension. It’s working
but if I create a column the script can not find the references of column.

Thiago Dantas.

Hi Dantas, it is only for grid.