Quickly dimensions between different categories

You need to add a line for the location/orientation of the dimension:


Thanks Viktor, It is exactly what I am looking for!

Viktor, is there any way to do this?

I am trying to do the same than MARCELLO SGAMBELLURI in his class:
AS10613: More Practical Dynamo: Practical Uses for Dynamo Within Revit

At 43 mininutes, he used the script below to create quickly dimensions between structural columns and grids.

The challenge is to get the center point of the structural columns and use them how reference to dimension. Could be face too but I prefer center of columns.
I saw your replies in post https://forum.dynamobim.com/t/automatic-dimension-walls/6970/5, but I didn’t have success to change walls and openings by grids and structural columns. Thanks a lot.

Well if we can see it done already there’s definetely a way.
I think Marcello’s using a custom node that is compiled outside of Dynamo.
And as we can see it not only places the dimensions but also finds the closest gridlines and automatically puts a line for the location of the dimension.
The API method needs view, line and references.

And yes I guess the biggest problem would be referencing the center of the column.
I did something similar here:

But is is faulty in a way. It gets the bounding box of the element and creates tiny detail lines for the measurements.
You can do the same with columns’ centres I guess, but that means that if you move the column you’ll have to run the script again. Although I suspect that there is a way to get the underlaying analytical curve as a reference.
Anyway, my point is that it is totatlly doable, but not so simple.
I think the topic is interesting and I can suggest creating a new post specifically asking for what Marcello did.

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Viktor, I tried to create model lines inside of family but I can’t access these elements, only geometry. If we can extract the elements, question solved.
To do small detail lines is an option, but there is a chance to forget to run the script after to move the columns. This is a big problem! If I could lock the detail line with reference plans of columns or the model lines inside the family, it can work.

Hi @Dantas ,

I made something that does what you want :

It’s a little messy for now but it works. I’ll improve it and upload it to the data-shapes package.
Here’s the .dyn :

dimension column closest grids.dyn (9.0 KB)


Thanks a lot Mostafa, you saving me again.
Now I will filter out columns placed at grid intersects (the script has an error) and to give an offset to dimension lines.
Excelent job!!!


Mostafa - I am trying to figure out how to modify this to do the same thing but with a floor. Could you provide some assistance?
Thank you in advance,

Hi @bradwitt
can you provide a screenshot of what you want to achieve?

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Hi @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi

I am receiving the following error while running the script -

Can you take a look.


Hey mostafa,
I am facing the same issue what ‘rdey’ is facing. It would be a great help if you look into it and provide the people the solution.

Thank you so much for your support.

I am sorry to remind that, in order to introduce a new request in an appropriate way, every member of this community should be inspired by the forum guidelines where savvy advice are provided. It would be a good idea to start a new thread with a screenshot of your work clearly indicating what you tried and why it does not work. Any related link that could help to solve the issue is also welcome. If needed, you can easily refer to other’s post in your question like so:

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Mostafa, this is great

Say I wanted to change the Category from Structural Columns to a Family of any type but for instance Speciality Equipment. I am trying to find the spot in your code where I can modify what I want to dimension too. I have tried other Categories and switched to Family by Element nodes, etc… but it seems to only work on Structural Columns. Am I missing something in the node, or is it in your code? Any advice would be much aappreciated.


Mostafa_El_Ayoubi This dosnt seem to work in Dynamo 1.3 and Revit 2018. Any ideas? Did you ever upload it to your package?

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I’m new to Dynamo. can you help me,is it possible to create auto dimension for structural framing?

Hi, Mostafa. Nice job there.

Do you mind taking a quick review to this post? Error adding dimension to columns

Thanks in advance :))

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Hi Mostafa_El_Ayoubi nice script really great.

I’ve used it for mechanical equipment. Is there a way to place an x and y dimension to the edge of the element rather than the centre?



Hi Mostafa,

I’m trying to automate the dimension of the grids in dynamo, and have tried using your script to do this.
It’s been 3-4years since your last post on this page and I think some names have been updated.
Are you available to direct me, I’m new to dynamo and this is the most relevant post I’ve found…

Hi @viktor_kuzev I want to do the same, I want to measure the distance between multiple elements as shown in the video.

Can you please help me out with this ?
Can you please share the script file as I am trying but not working properly.

The topic can be found here: Automatic dimension of linked elements