Question on SpotElevation.ByPoint node

Hi all,

I’m new in Dynamo, and have no idea about scrpits and Python (i’m starting a course right now), so I’m asking for help to solve the folowing:

I need to get the elevation of the point where a pipe intersects a sewer chamber, after some tests i got all the points, but not all the elevations (i used “SpotElavation.ByPoint” node from Clockwork package).

I already tried to modify lacing but nothing works, i got some NULLs. Maybe is something in the script???

Any suggestion? I will apreciate your help

trace it back through your graph- to see what is coming out of earlier nodes.

I’d guess the problem could be in the bounding box/centroid part- in other words, if there is not an intersection between geometry or a centroid can’t be calculated for some reason

Thanks for your answer, I cheked that before, but if you see the node that generates the point has all the coordenates (4 points, all of them with its XYZ).

I’d look to see what is different with the 2 points that fail
Perhaps they fall outside of the extent of that view

I made some test to the revit file changing the direction of the slope in the pipes and I discovered that i only get the elevation of the highest point of each pipe.

Also tried the node “SpotElevation.ByCoordenates” and turned out well, i got all the points coordenates.

Both nodes are equals only difers in the out node.

@suazo.pia how did you do this?

i cant seem to get all the point so that i can place the spot elevations

any help?