[Question] Curves between curves




Hey there guys, first of all thanks for all the support you’ve given me, but now let’s get down to business:

I’m aiming to make a wild shaped roof for revit, so i have the “contour” curves (marked in black) to begin with it, but i think i may need some curves in between them so i can offset them and create a loft surface, there on the image i’m marking in red the lines i think i need, and in green the profile shape i’m aiming for (keep in mind that this “profile” will not neccessarily be the same along all the shape marked in yellow, but it’s just an example of what i’m trying to make), so any suggestions on how would you do it?

Thanks again and see you all later!

Andrew Milburn of Shades of Grey just did this in a blog post as well. :slight_smile: I believe he just learned Dynamo at AU2015 and he gives thorough explanations.

Check it out here - http://www.grevity.blogspot.com/2016/01/pie-chart-in-sky.html

Oh! thanks, i’ll check it out to see if i can clarify anything about my project.