Question about Combining Revit and Excel Data

I’m looking to write from an excel document provided by a contractor into Revit and have not had much success thus far. My ideal scenario is to have dynamo perform the following logic:

Load Excel Data -> Compare Excel and Revit Data -> find areas where the data sets match -> at each match pull additional data from Excel to populate additional parameters.

In this instance I have a spreadsheet that contains a list of unique Device Numbers and then a series of other parameters per fixture. Our Revit flie has devices placed and the Device Number parameter is populated. Is there a way to have dynamo comb the excel data to find where excel device numbers already exist in Revit, then populate additional parameters values from the same excel sublist (in this case horizontal rows)?

The lists will be unequal, the excel having many more fixture numbers than will be present in the model, which has been a barrier to simply reading and writing en-mass.

I can’t share the data set unfortunately as it contains company information but I will attempt to a simple placeholder and my early efforts below.

sounds like an easy job for Python/Pandas or Postgresql!
but YES, you can do it in Dynamo, but you will need lots of nodes.

did you start something that you can share?

Unfortunately as I am a new member the system is prohibiting me from adding any relevant sample data set or dynamo graph. That being said I did not get particularly far, I had two parallel paths going one to read and format the excel (isolating the column headers as parameters names to be populated) and a second that capture the category elements and isolated their Device Number parameter to help align the data. I am totally lost on how to bridge the gap for now.

I’ve done a little bit of tutorial work on Lynda/LinkedIn for Dynamo but it seems as if the preferred workflow is to always generate the Excel as a function of the Revit content. Are there any resources that show the a workflow that takes two disparate source of data and cross references them that I can look into?