Quality Management with Dynamo

Hello Dynos,

How about quality Management with Dynamo and Python?

What is your expierence? What can i prove in my Datamodell with Dynamo

here some examples of my qualitycheck:
1.) Regulary dynamo
2.) deep Dynamo with Python

Does anybody have other ideas to get information out of my datamodel
…with python
…with Revitdocs



BSP_D_Spiegelcheck.dyn (6.3 KB)filtern_aendern.dyn (24.4 KB)

Don’t forget Warning reporting / solving

Thank you for that advice, but I realy search for real scripts, real programmend stuff, just examples, or a design of thinking how to adaped and unerstand dynamo workflows!
Is there some “vocabulary” f.e. like mirrored to learn? 2018-10-19_17h32_43
Are these orders or any order in revit, are anywere listed? Like LEGO? to put steps and pices together…

Thank you, i am happy about any advice



You can check out the dynamo primer, the dynamo dictionary, Autodesk University and google, and this forum with the search button.

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