Python Script INPUT OUTPUT

hi guys.

Dynamo noob want to know how to use Dynamo Python.

My question is

  1. When I push Run in Python script at that state, I get a folder called TEST1 on my computer’s desktop.

However, in the bottom line of the createFolder, I wanted to set the input and put it in the code block outside because it was cumbersome to enter and put TAEMIN KIM one by one.

So i did

like this, but it was failed. it does not make folder named TEST1

What I want to conclude is to create a folder using code blocks without touching the inside of Python Script.

createFolder (‘/Users/What I want to put in code block/Desktop/TEST1’)

I want to make it like this.

What should I do? It seems like a basic content, but it’s hard to understand, so I’m asking you a question here.


Additionally, I want to print the path of the created folder in OUT…

Sorry for my poor English

like this?