Dynamo Python node Input

When I copy and paste a python script from an existing dynamo node into a new python node I get an error for the new python script node. Can someone tell me why this is? I got the existing node from a tutorial and just trying to recreate what they did but hit this major hurdle from the start. Any help would be appreciated, there is very little to no help for starting a simple project.

Essentially I would just like to know how to create multiple inputs and outputs for a python script for a very basic practice project.

I am running Dynamo


Tap the little + button to the right of the input. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Wow, ok I feel pretty dumb. Kept thinking there I had to define a variable in the script or something. Is there a way to create more than one output for a node too?

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To create more than one output, you can output a list of all of the outputs you want and then retrieve them via index.

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