Python output error

I have a question regarding the error I have in the python output
In the first image I show how in python if it works and in dynamo it doesn’t


where can I find the conversions given in python and dynamo as instead of using
print we use Out

OUT not like PRINT, you deal with OUT like a variable or sth. so you should write like this

mData = 3 > 2
OUT = mData

Thank you very much for your answer, but what I am trying to understand is how the if and else works in python dynamo, how do I get it to answer if it is true or false

I know that if it is true write true but I could have written another text between the quotes for example


That part doesn’t matter because your code is failing as soon as it hits OUT(mData).

OUT is the python node outputs in the same way that IN is the python node inputs. It’s not really a variable. You would define a variable to list in the OUT outputs.

@khuzaimah.ElecEng was right in the first part - you should use = because OUT doesn’t work like print.

also the if statement is allright, but you need to make another empty list to populate it with the outcome of it. So

mData = 3 > 2
   if mData:
OUT = [mData, text]

This is pretty close but the indents are off and there are extra lists (one of which hasn’t been defined).

mData = 3 > 2
if mData:
    text = "Excellent"
    text = "Incorrect"
OUT = mData, text

If you’re returning a single item (for your strings) you don’t need to append it to a list (unless that’s the structure you want). You also don’t have to create a list for the returned outputs.


@filip.kabelis Thank you very much for the reply

@Nick_Boyts Great, Just what I was looking for

excellent answer, every day I understand a little more python and dynamo thank you very much