Starting with python

Hi there,
I’m trying to start studying python. so I’ve created a very basic node. The thing is that it is working correctly, but I would like to get a list of the result not just the last one.



First you have to define output as a list and then you have to append that list.

Thks a lot

I’m also trying to figure out Python / Dynamo and been reading all afternoon. I found this thread and figured I’d try to duplicate the work since it’s pretty straight forward. Here’s what I don’t understand, why does the code block for 1,0,1 evaluate correctly off my Python node, but the {True, false, true} reports all false?
Everything is an exact copy at this point as far as I can tell;
(Capital True vs true was a case sensitivity check) :slight_smile:

true is not the same as “true” which is just a string of characters. true, without quotes - is a boolean value.