Python number precision output rounded to 15 decimals instead of 3

I don’t think Dynamo does any rounding -

the XYZ ToPoint method is here:

the InDynamoUnits does do a scale though depending on Revit units:

which as has been stated, will create noise with floating point numbers.

If you mean you see the displayed number in Dynamo’s preview as rounded - that is possible, but I don’t think that rounding has actually been applied to the point - it’s just for display AFAIK.

If you see it in Revit, then I’m not sure.


Springs.Number.ToString package node helped, you see the difference between what Dynamo shows and what the number it really is:

First list is what is done in Revit, second list is fixed with script.

Disgusting Revit numbers, most annoying thing I ever resolved in Dynamo.